Saylor's Pearls Journey

Wanting to reflect God’s glory in my life goes along with the dream that I have yet to see. For now I will reflect God’s glory by showing it when I’m with friends and anywhere that I may end up! I hope that I can reflect him in a bigger way someday that can impact MANY girls’ lives. CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE

Rachel's Pearls Journey

My Pearls Journey guided me through Purified, Empowered, Anointed, Rooted, filled with Life to Shine God’s love to the world around me. I wear my pearl necklace to remember everything I experienced and received from God on my journey. I often get asked what my necklace means to me. It would take me hours to tell the story so I began to think of how could I share the meaning in a simple way? A couple days ago I started to see my journey took five distinct steps. See a Pearl. Receive a Pearl. Cultivate a Pearl. Give a Pearl. Be a continue click Read More!

Morgan's Pearls Journey

Morgan, 17 years old, is an intern at A Pearl for Every Girl. She is passionate about helping other girls grow on their Pearls Journey and will be writing/creating many of the posts we share this year to encourage you! Morgan's Pearls Journey began a couple years ago. Take some time to read her beautiful, inspiring and moving story. It will touch you in the depths of your heart and inspire your spirit to connect with God for whatever you need for your own continue click Read More.

What is a Pearls Journey?

Pearls Journey mentors girls how to connect with God, experience freedom, discover their identity, pursue their God-given dreams & purpose and explore creative ways how their life can make a difference in their community and world in a way that points others to Life. It is a blend of spiritual formation and practical life-coaching guiding girls continue click Read More.