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Kathy 19 Oct 11:26

Morgan are are inspiring brave soul. Thank you for sharing your story and the beautiful fruit your journey is producing.

Pam Ausenhus
Pam Ausenhus 11 May 15:58

Morgan, you just brought me to tears. What a beautiful story with so many great insights. Such a great testimony of how good God is, and how much love and joy there is to discover for those who are willing to journey with Him
. You are truly an inspiration, and I have no doubt that Jesus will continue to use you mightily to touch many lives, and bring much healing and joy. Well done! God Bless!

Connie Davis
Connie Davis 03 May 21:05

It takes courage to face grief head on and I am so happy you have brought thoughtfulness, meaning and spirit to your beautiful creative work. And in that all…is healing!

Uncle Erik
Uncle Erik 02 May 19:44

Morgan, it’s beautiful what you are doing, both for GOD as well as for those that read your testimony. Keep on the road you are on Morgan and I am sure you will see so many more of GODs blessings.

Cheryl aubuchon
Cheryl aubuchon 02 May 15:09

Thank you for sharing your journey and letting others be included in this beautiful work that Jesus is doing in your life . This means so much to me. I am certain you will touch, change and encourage so many people that you probably will never meet in addition to the great many you will. God bless you.

Bobbi Kepler
Bobbi Kepler 01 May 21:55

Morgan you have given life to scriptures I have read many times. I will be revisiting these verses with a new look. God Bless and direct you on your journey with Him.

Cheryl Balbuena
Cheryl Balbuena 01 May 20:48

What a beautiful testimony. Thank you for your honesty and courage Be blessed Morgan and we Bless you to continue to share your story and the victory of His great grace and favor on your life.

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