Photo taken by Loveland, CO photographer Rodney Stewart. Email:

PRE-ORDER CARDS! All of the cards you see are a brand new line and still in the process of being printed. Yes, you can go ahead and order all the cards you love and we will ship them to you when they arrive around mid February. 

 ~ I love horses, the beach and sunsets over the mountains. I am 17 years old and grew up on my families ranch in Northern Colorado. I have been given a beautiful life even in the midst of tragic heartbreak and loss. The process of creating has helped me on my journey and through these items in my shop that I have designed and made I hope to bring encouragement and love to others. I will be using the proceeds from these cards and gifts to help other girls find a creative outlet for healing, to discover their purpose, and to shine for others. Thank you for visiting my shop! You can read more of my story here,
Morgan's Pearls Journey.